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Tuwakuze Africa was founded in 2013, by Mr. Joseph Mani, then a student of International Relations at the United States International University – Africa. While undertaking community service at Victorious Joy in Kahawa West, Nairobi, he saw first-hand the challenging circumstances that did not allow underprivileged children to get access to quality education. The challenges including lack of books, stationery, adequate infrastructure and teachers were not unique to Victorius Joy but was also common in many other schools in Nairobi and across the country. It is under this backdrop that Tuwakuze Africa was formed and is currently run by passionate young individuals who have experience in volunteerism and are committed to use their talents, creativity and resources for positive transformation of their society

Who we are                                        

Tuwakuze Africa is registered as a society under the Society ACT (CAP 108) of the laws of the Republic of Kenya. It is a youth-led, education-based initiative aimed at developing a reading culture, mentoring and instilling sustainable skills among orphaned, vulnerable & underprivileged primary school children and the youth within the community.

We seek to achieve our primary objective of promoting education in line with the Sustainable Development Goal education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

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Mwalimu Bora

This is a program aimed at providing a solution to schools with a severe shortage of teachers. Tuwakuze volunteers are availed an opportunity to transform lives by giving their time to teach the children for a period ranging from one week to even a year, depending on their availability. We are currently working with two schools, Bethsaida Education Foundation in Githurai 44 and Victorious Joy Educational Centre in Kahawa West, Nairobi. These schools have a total of less than ten teachers available to teach the whole school with 230 children from Standard One to eight, which is less than the required ratio. Providing resources in terms of teachers ensures that the children receive the attention they deserve and hence quality education


Project Nikuze is a mentorship program that aims at nurturing the pupils of Victorious Joy Educational Centre and Bethsaida Education Foundation into holistic individuals as global citizens. Tuwakuze facilitates this by running various programs including; v Career Fairs- Arranging a minimum of 3 career fairs a year after each quarter and inviting professionals from different industries to talk to the children about the different career paths they may choose v Embassy visits- Facilitate visits to at least one Embassy a year to provide international exposure to the children v Book drive- Holding a book drive once a year where stationary is provided to schools to facilitate day to day activities Capacity Building Development Training- Volunteers are trained on several aspects of their working. From teaching to other social skills twice a year

Library Project

In this project, Tuwakuze aims to establish and provide a fully equipped library at Victorious Joy Educational Center and Bethsaida Education Foundation through a series of fundraising activities and strategic partnerships with sponsors. The objective is to promote a reading culture in primary level kids from an early age and in turn instill an innovative and creative culture among the children as we hope to achieve our vision of adding value to life. 1. Transformative Leadership “Those of us who have been privileged to receive education, skills, and experiences and even power must be role models for the next generation of leadership." Wangari Maathai Leadership Training We train both children and youth (10-24years) in leadership skills to empower them to become active citizens and agents of positive change in their communities. We believe that children and youth are key to sustainable development at the grassroots level and should be equipped with crucial skills right from the start. As a youth led organization whose work is embedded in volunteerism we motivate and engage other youth leaders to form volunteerism platforms in their communities as means to contribute their skills, energy and resources while also gaining experience 1. Jijenge - Entrepreneurship and employability training “We believe young people can improve their lives themselves once given the capacity.” Our aim under this tenet is to ensure we offer sustainable skills to youth to enable them earn livelihoods and create employment for others. Under this pillar, we offer - Employability skills training; communication, presentation etc. - Entrepreneurship; how to set up & improve existing businesses - Social entrepreneurship; we identify & nurture business that solve challenges in the community; i.e. reusable sanitary towels project